Project Delantero Community Services is an organization that will focus on at-risk youth, providing services that will benefit our youth, their families, and their communities. The purpose of the organization is to serve the troubled and at-risk youth. Project Delantero will be committed to providing a range of services to our youth. The prime endeavor of the organization is to motivate our youth to become blissful and, law-abiding, and fruitful citizens.


Project Delantero recognizes that the success of its programs will be attributed to the supportive affiliation that will exist with its public and private associates. The essential purpose of each program is to support individuals in the achievement and enrichment of public, scholastic, and professional skills necessary to thrive as productive, law-abiding citizens in their community. It will be Project Delantero’s place that individuals thrive and develop their maximum potential in an environment shaped by compassion, consistency, respect, and clearly defined limits and expectations.


Project Delantero’s reputation will be based on its commitment to the highest standards of service. The organization will strive to serve its youth and clients with excellence by continuing to improve services, by anticipating the changing needs of the youth, and by taking a leadership role in developing innovative programs.


Together, in partnership with our youth and clients, we will seek new ways of providing a comprehensive range of quality services, which meet or exceed the expectations of our clients and the individuals we will serve. The organization’s executive team will strive for the best and arming themselves for the unforeseen. Quality is what we will invest in. For quality, it will require the sacrifice of time, money, and force. Quality is insignificant unless it presents worth for the individual to whom our services are intended. In our actions, we will strive to place our youth at the pinnacle!

what is delantero?

Delantero [day-lahn-tay’-ro] is the Spanish word for “front or forward.”  Project Delantero will be an organization committed to providing encouragement to youth to move forward, not backwards, to become future leaders. Moving forward can sometimes be challenging, an requires support. A project is requires thought, collaboration, and initiation of an idea. Completion of a project can provide a sense of meaning and accomplishment. The success of the organization will be accomplished by teamwork, motivation and determination.

what is project delantero's mission?

The mission of Project Delantero is to serve our communities, youth, and their families by promoting education and employment stability, wellness, and staying committed to empower youth to make healthy life choices.


Project Delantero will present  top class services for youth, for the principle of developing well-adjusted, responsible adults and strengthening the family unit.


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Project Delantero's Founding Officers 

Anthony Tolson

Mario Cervantes, Sr.

Robert Paige

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Robert E. Paige - President/ Chief Executive Officer

Richard Guillet - Vice President

Joseph Hsiao - Trustee

Curt Bender, JD - Trustee

Joseph Griggs - Member, Board of Directors

Miguel Rosada, JD - Member, Board of Directors

Dr. Chen Oeur - Member, Board of Directors

Edward Hawkins - Member, Board of Directors

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